Who’s on FIRST?

Whaddya asking me for? I don’t know!

We are extremely happy to announce the initial information for the podcasts!!!!

We will be starting out with 2 podcasts. For now, we will release 1 episode per week, alternating between our FIRST history podcast and our team spotlight podcast, beginning with the FIRST history podcast for our initial episode.

  • For the FIRST history podcast, each episode will discuss an important event, segment, longer period in FIRST history, or something of the sort, diving deep into the topic through our hosts.
  • For the team spotlight podcast, each episode will discuss an influential FIRST team, detailing their history as a team. Opportunity permitting, we aim to include a special guest from the subject team for the duration of each episode.

The tentative release date of the FIRST podcast episode is Sunday, May 12th. (Pun intended 😂) The episodes will be approximately 30 minutes long, though we may adjust the time later to better fit the format of the shows. There will be a short pilot episode on or around Sunday, May 5th, that will effectively be a voice version of this post. We will provide the information on how to listen to the podcasts once we release the pilot episode.

Here comes the important part! We need your help to name the podcasts! Please submit your suggestions for the show names in the Google Form below, and we will put an update in the Discord soon with the final vote for each show’s name!

On another note, the logo is currently a proof of concept and we are very open to design suggestions, so please let us know in the comments or on the Discord if you have any ideas for the art!

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